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What to Expect from Your Installation

Once you’ve decided to install or refinish a wood floor, you may wonder what will happen next. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after the work takes place will help ensure a high-quality job.



Remove all furnishings, window treatments, artwork, accent pieces, and all other items from the room. Our crew will cover items left in the room, however, dust and debris are part of the installation process. Please remove all items that you wish to remain dust free.


Expect some noise and disruption and plan accordingly. The type of finish used on the floor will determine the amount of time it will need to dry. Be prepared to remain out of the room until the floor is dry.


Minimize scratches and dents by placing felt pads on the bottom of furniture. Place rugs at all entrances to catch debris and moisture. Avoid rubber backed rugs as they can cause discoloration. Remove cleats and high heels before walking on the floor. Color can change as the floor ages. Reduce the effects of aging by limiting exposure to direct sunlight and periodically rearranging furniture and the placement of rugs.