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About Hardwood Floors


Adding beauty and value to your home or business can be as simple as installing hardwood floors. With the wide array of wood species, grades, finishes and more, you can easily enhance any decor.

GR Flooring would like to help you design your new hardwood floor. The following pages offer explanations of the choices you will be asked to make.



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The appearance of a hardwood floor is also influenced by the grade and cut.


Types of Grades 


Clear Wood:

Provides a uniform look due to the minimal character markings.

Select Wood: Variation of natural heartwood/sapwood color and includes knots, streaks, etc.

Common Wood (No. 1 and No. 2):

Introduces character to a room with knots and color variations.  No. 1 Common will be light and dark colors with knots, streaks and wormholes. No. 2 Common will have a rustic appearance emphasizing all the characteristics of the wood species.

First grade wood

Similar to select grade with a uniform appearance, natural color variations, and minimal character marks.

Second grade wood

Similar to No.1 Common, it varies some in color and knots.

Third grade wood

Similar to No. 2 Common in it’s rustic appearance.

Plainsawn cut

Easy to produce from the log, this is the most common cut. It features a pleasing and varied grain appearance.

Quartersawn cut

Ray flecks create a shimmering flake figure over the wood. It possesses greater wear resistance and is less likely to cup and twist or shrink in width.

Riftsawn cut:

Similar to quartersawn without the ray flecks.



GR Wood Flooring



Wood Finishes

An important consideration in choosing your wood floor is deciding which finish to use as it has a big effect on the type of long term maintenance required to keep the floor looking beautiful.

The most popular are surface finishes because they are water resistant, durable, and require minimal maintenance. Frequently referred to as urethanes or polyurethanes, surface finishes come in several different types.



  • Ultra Violet Cured: Extremely durable and will last two - three times longer than any other finish. Resistant to scratches, scuffs, and black heel marks. No drying time required. Furniture and rugs can be moved back onto floor immediately.


  • Water-Based:  Very durable and will dry within two to three hours. Appearance is clear and will resist turning yellow over time. Mild odor when applied.


  • Oil-Based: Very durable and will dry in about 8 hours. Appearance is amber. Moderate odor when applied.


  • Moisture-Cured:  Extremely durable and are more moisture-resistant than other finishes.  Will dry in about two - three hours in humid conditions. Appearance is clear to amber. Strong odor when applied.


Oil-Stained: Available in clear finish and more than 30 color finishes. Applied in just one coat and are easily maintained. Complements the natural grain and patina of the wood.